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Victory RC Pro Pipe

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Designed excusively with O'Niell Brothers Racing for Modified Engines

To start, here is a little history and the differences between the VRC and Pro-Pipe.

The VRC pipe is made for and works best with stock 2 bolt engines. The Pro-Pipe was designed after the VRC pipe specifically for modified engines.

The Pro-Pipe was developed when Jan-Erik at RC-Racing sent Victory several of the OBR full mod 4 bolt engines. It wasn't easy, but Victory came up with a good overall performing pipe. This is a high torque, high reving pipe.

From O'Neill Brothers testing, this pipe runs well on all modified 2 and 4 bolt engines. The Pro-Pipe is light weight and is a two piece pipe for easy install/removal. The VRC and Pro-Pipe are similar looking.

To identify the Pro-Pipe from the VRC look for the Victory RC stamp welded onto the pipe.

Victory Pipes
This item fits: Baja 5b and 5t

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