Ultimate Rear Brake

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The TGN and Turtle Racing Ultimate Rear Brake Upgrade.

No more D-bushings. They have been replaced with bearings for a smoother, slop free operation.

Testing has proven a much more durable brake system as well as much longer lasting, even with the carbon rotor Virtually a set it and forget it system.

Consistent braking lap after lap. Superior stopping power over the stock brake system. Has the ability to lock up the rear wheels on grass, at speed! Also has the ability to be smooth as silk. The brake can be as smooth as your finger.

Provides more support for high torque servos. Superior strength to weight ratio.

Comes with:

  • Turtle Racing Aluminum brake pads
  • Turtle Racing Aluminum brake caliper
  • New TGN brake plate which attaches at four points rather than three and has been machined to accept the bearing
  • New TGN rear chassis plate machined to accept the bearing
  • New TGN Carbon Fiber Brake Disc
  • 2 - steel shield precision ball bearings for the brake cam

Please keep in mind this is a high performance brake, it requires proper installation and set-up and even with that it will not last as long as the stock brakes.

What it fits:
This item fits: Baja 5b and 5t