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Team Fast Eddy has been providing the hobby industry with his ultra high quality bearing kits now for some time but they also offer many other unique products for all scales of R/C cars and trucks. TGN is proud to be an authorized worldwide distributor for TeamFastEddy.
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Part #: 131

0° - 1° - 2° With 2° Anti Squat Rear Toe B...

$17.99   $12.00

Part #: 1307-TFE

Replacement Clutch bearings (1307-TFE)


Part #: 1309-TFE

Wheel Bearing kit (1309-TFE)


Part #: 1306-TFE

Replacement Bearing Set (1306-TFE)

Team FastEddy Replacement Wheel Bearing Kit for the HPI Baja.

Part #: 1305-TFE

Throttle/Brake Servo Mount


Part #: 1301-TFE

Dogbone Boot Install Tool V2 For the HD SC...


Part #: 1303-TFE

Clip Tethers

Team FastEddy 0.2 Thin Hinge Pin Shims for the HPI Baja.

Part #: 1299-TFE

Battery Box Eliminator for the HPI Baja

$54.99   $33.00

Part #: 1300-TFE

Battery Box Eliminator RX Mounting Arms


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