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Hemistorm Penta Body for the Losi 5IVE-T

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Hemistorm Penta Body for the Losi 5IVE-T


It is with great pride that I announce the first HemiStorm Products upgrade for the Losi 5IVE-T: The HemiStorm Penta body.

Made from 2mm lexan this body isn't only made to withstand hardcore driving, it also turns your shortcourse 5ive-t into a Class1/Truggy styled ride by simply swapping out the bodypanels. For months we have been designing and developing this product to ensure you enthusiasts now have an option to completely alter your ride. The main body consists of 5 pieces:

A front section, a roof section, two doors and the rear panel.

The front section, doors and rear section have all been detailed with louvre-styled "airscoops". The front section encloses a part of the rollcage, emphasizing the open cage structure of the vehicle. The doors close all the way up to the rock guard, and together with the closed off front section the amount of debris entering the chassis will be kept to an absolute minimum. The roof section is reinforced with 8 barsections to ensure your paintjobs will keep unscratched as long as possible in case of a rollover.

Apart from the 5 body panels the kit will also be supplied with 4 extra lexan panels. The two larger more square ones are to be mounted on the side of the cage, the other two can be used as a deflector on the rear quarters. We do advise to take these off or trim these down for hardcore racers, as they are vulnerable to damage, at least untill the HemiStorm spare wheel mount is released. We include these panels as an extra, because we feel they complete the overall look we desired to create when developing, what we felt would be, the ultimate 5th scale vehicle.

The HemiStorm Penta is a bolt on, ready to install option for your Losi 5IVE-T. The stock Losi 5IVE-T hardware can be used to fasten the panels to your cage. All pieces come with a clear overspray film, and will be precut for your convenience. Alternative cuts to the body can be made if you wish to trim down certain sections, we merely provide what we thought would be the best look for this platform.

In the near future all the sections of the body will be available separately as well, making repairing of a sustained damage on the track or at your bash spot easier and budget friendly.

We expect the HemiStorm Penta in at TGN and all other stores early April. To preorder your Penta Bodykit for the Losi 5IVE-T choose the Add To Cart button above. TGN will be taking in orders for those who would like to reserve one in advance, to ensure you won't miss out when these hit the shelves.

Street Price is set at $ 249.00


The items featured in the pictures above offer you a sneak peek on what other gear we at HemiStorm have in the works for your Losi 5ive. These rough prototypes don't fully represent the finished structure, they are merely meant to give an idea of the shape and look we envisioned while working on this enormous project.

In the pictures you see a roofrack which allows for mounting 3 sets of front lights. The bumper is a direct replacement for the stock one, enabling you to simply remove the lights from your stock bumper and reinstall them on ours. The HemiStorm Penta bumper is narrow, has aggressive angles while not making any compromises towards functionality. These two items complete the HemiStorm Penta look, turning your 5ive in a 5th scale car that is as close to a desert racer as it will ever get. Both pieces can also be used in combination with the stock Losi 5ive body.

Expected pricing for both items combined will be $ 69,- excluding lightpods. Availability estimated late April.

Keep following TGN and LargeScaleNews to receive constant updates of our projects and availability of mentioned projects.

HemiStormA TGN EXCLUSIVE—Hemistorm RC Products is a fresh European based manufacturer bringing a whole new innovative range of Baja 5B/5T Hopups to the table. Function and performance along with great looks are the main features of every quality product Hemistorm releases.
This item fits: Losi 5IVE-T

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