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Electric Starter Hub for the HPI Baja.

Part #: 1004

Price: $39.99

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This is an Electric Starter Hub for the HPI Baja from SKOPOD.

This hub is designed to fit on any RC/CY flywheel, the hub has a 3/8 square machined hole in the front to accept any right hand rotation go kart starter. The most readily available starter we have found is the Coleman Go Kart Starter at comet kart sales.

Even though this hub will fit any RC/CY flywheel we made it mainly for use with the SKOPOD 62cc engine as many know are a brute to pull start. Also check out the SKOPOD Hub Dirt Seal as it was made to seal this hub and keep the dirt out.

This item fits: Baja 5b and 5t

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