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Optional Baja Left Engine Brace

Bizeta BZM Micro 28.5cc Reed Motor for HPI Baja

Part #: BZM-10028

Price: $849.99

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Brought to you by BZM-Micro the worlds first Italian Made Bizeta 28.5cc case reed motor for your HPI Baja 5b, 5t, 5sc and SS.


TGN is proud to anounce we will be the US exclusive distributor for these Bizeta engines from BZM-Mirco. 


No Coupon Codes allowed on purchase of this BZM Engine.


You can also see more images and more details by going to LargeScaleNews.com. That's your new source for all things Large Scale.

Here it is the worlds very first production large-scale RC engine!

Your mates can no longer rib you for running a weed wacker engine because you can now have a custom made Italian thorough bred.

This engine takes the hobby to new level of excellence with all the tech found in modern racing 2 stroke engines built into one easy to fit package for your largescale model.

Available capacities

  • 23cc An engine for the racer in you. Smooth power delivery with a little sting taken out of the tail for some great on the track control.
  • 26cc A track powerhouse for those big open tracks that need some more punch!
  • 28.5cc A basher's dream come true. The best performance cc for cc in a Largescale model money can buy. 8 plus HP over 20,000 rpm!
  • What sets these engines apart. You ask.
  • A whole new design for our industry.
  • 4 bolt cylinder.
  • 5 bolt head.
  • Nikasil cylinder lining.
  • This coating reduces friction and extends the life of the engine.
  • Flat top piston.
  • Billet con rod.
  • Full circule crank.
  • Reed induction.
  • Carbon fibre fan cover
  • No more crank case bearing failures.
  • Phenolic bearings twice the size of the current engine bearings available.
  • Leaking head and crank case gaskets a thing of the past. BZM decided not to use gaskets and opted for a combination of O'rings and liquid gasket.
  • Drops straight into a HPI baja with the exception of a replacement chassis plate and a little work to the clutch case if not a Zenoah.

Just a few of the reasons why this engine is the new bench mark power plant for our hobby. Some other models will require fitting kits. TBC. BZM Micro "Bringing power to the people"


If this engine is for use on the HPI Baja you must buy with Left Engine Brace.  If you are purchasing for the Losi 5IVE-T you do not need the Left Engine Brace.


BZM-Micro/BizetaA TGN EXCLUSIVE- BZM-Micro, bringing power to the people.
This item fits: HPI 5b and 5t

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