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7hp Full Mod Zenoah 29.5cc +3mm LONG ROD 4 Bolt Long Block

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Price: $449.00

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7hp Full Mod Zenoah 29.5cc +3mm LONG ROD 4 Bolt Long Block from O'neill Brothers Racing.

Full Mod - O'neill Brothers top of the line engines. OBR is proud to offer the first production long rod engine! OBR takes pride in innovating and not duplicating!

Just when OBR thought there wasn't any way to top their insane full mods Syndicate came along and gave them the power to do so. The long rod crankshaft along with some new porting allowed OBR to achieve 7hp.  With the higher reliability of the 4 bolt Zenoah engines they were able to achieve more power with out sacrificing reliability. OBR put all of the knowledge that they have picked up from years of dyno and field testing and came up with a monster. To start they completely tear down the engines and perform the following modifications:

To start they completely tore down the motor and did the following modifications:

  • Machine combustion chamber
  • Reshape piston
  • Lighten the piston
  • Relieve the piston to prevent seizing. 
  • Modify the intake port for better flow.
  • Adjust intake timing to OBR specs. 
  • Resurface all ports. 
  • Modify transfer ports for better flow.
  • Enlarge and reshape exhaust port.
  • Adjust exhaust timing to OBR specs.
  • Remove stock crank and install Syndicate 2mm stroker crankshaft with +3mm connecting rod. 
  • Install all new gaskets and c-clips when engine is assembled.
  • Re-bevel all porting and stock bevels to prevent damage to the piston and/or cylinder


Off-road Rc Cars:

HPI Baja 5B/5T/5SC, MCD, Rampage, FG Marder, FG Marder Race, FG Monster Beetle, FG Monster Beetle Pro,FG MT5,FG Stadium Truck, Duratrax Firehammer, Carson Attack, Smartech Traveller,FG Leopard, XTM, Leopard Race, FG Leopard STX, FG Marder Beetle, FG Pajero and most other large scale cars.

On-road Rc Cars:

MCD, FG Evo,FG Sportline, HARM,FG F-1 Competition and most other large scale onroad cars.

Tech Note:

Installation in an HPI Baja requires that the stock Zenoah clutch be modified for a direct bolt up. Or the clutch from your stock fuelie 23/26 can be installed on this engine for a direct bolt up. The last option is a TR/OBR sealed clutch housing. The sealed clutch housing can be used with a machined CY clutch plate for a direct bolt up.


These motors are sometimes dropshipped by OBR so there could be a slight delay in shipping, but we dont expect that to be the case most often.

OBRA TGN EXCLUSIVE—At Oneill Brothers Racing we specialize in reliable/affordable high performance engines and upgrade kits for your large scale rc car. All of our porting and machining is done in-house.
This item fits: Baja 5b and 5t

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