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5T "TRIPP" Wide Body

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Race Car Prototypes Introduces Its new and improved Tripp TT wide body with sharp/crisp lines and flatter fenders for a more detailed look overall.

The body is made with durable bullet proof .093 Lexan material that is nearly indestructible. With countless hours of testing it survived the torture tests bought upon by top Baja 5T racers and bashers with excellent remarks.

The body comes with decals,window masking and a over spray film that covers the entire outer shell. Also comes with a pre-trimmed pull start hole, the wheel openings,front and back are not trimmed out.

That leaves you with the freedom to personalize the body the way you want with the many variations it's capable of like on road Nastruck's, Sand car's And different Trophy truck's



All bodies are sold clear and are shown painted for advertising purposes only


RCPRace Car Prototypes is a company well known in the off-road industries for design and production of full scale one off Race truck/Car bodies. The full size bodies that are produced by RCP are leading the way by pushing the envelope both in aerodynamics and function. Now they are expanding their talents of design and sculpting into the 1:5th scale world of the Baja 5T/5B. With creating a Scaled look Trophy Truck body made from .093 Lexan it is the first full fender wide body on the market. And the start of a long line of different designs and innovative bodies to come.
This item fits: Baja 5t and 5sc

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